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Headway Marine OceanGuard™ ballast water treatment system will be successful Greek propaganda 


March 29, 2011, Qingdao Headway Marine Technology Co., Ltd. Guardian TM will preach ballast water treatment system was successfully held in Athens, Greece.
         The lectures by Headway and its partners organized Greece, in Athens at 29 pm local five-star hotel a success.
         Headway representatives and their local partners attended the lectures will be to the local and surrounding areas from Greece's major ship owners and representatives of industry professionals details the marine guard TM ballast water treatment systems for more information and certificates, orders. According to preliminary statistics, the owner of the company to participate in lectures will be as many as 70, the ship has a capacity over 1000, THENAMARINE, CARDIFF, DYNAMCOM owners and other international well-known large companies are represented. In addition, Belgium and Poland from partners representatives attended the teach-common means of communication, exchange of experience.
       The lectures will be the major owner of local enthusiastic response, a number of companies invited to the owner, sent a number of participants on behalf of the whole hall filled with positive enthusiastic atmosphere. Meeting the owner's representative listened in on the product's introduction, and raised a number of concerns to discuss, marine guards TM ballast water treatment system once again with its unique design and superior performance, the owner has won high recognition. Especially its small footprint, low power, such as 300m3 / h of the equipment, the entire system power consumption is only about 5KW, covers an area of ​​less than 1 m, these data so that the owner who marvel at the ingenious design of the system also felt that the advanced technology and superiority. The forum ended, a number of the owner's warm invitation to go to Headway and its local partners to explain the training company.
       After the guests and organizers in the friendly and peaceful atmosphere of the Chinese Communists into the dinner, lectures will be successful.
       It is reported that Headway in 2011, together global partners, organize several large-scale propaganda activities for the marine guards the brand further into the world and make unremitting efforts.


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