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Headway Cooperates with OceanTankers-The Largest Tanker Company in Singapore 

Recently, Headway Technology Co., Ltd. signed a ballast water supporting agreement with OceanTankers, the largest tanker company in Singapore, aiming at eight newly-built tankers thereof. Headway cooperated with well-known ship-owner again after signing the order of ten luxury cruise ships in Germany Maritime Exhibition.
According to Headway branch leader in Singapore, OceanTankers equips ballast water treatment systems on its fleet for the first time in the project, and it pays special attention to the stage of model selection. OceanTankers focuses on performance of filters especially in addition to detailed investigation on mainstream system technology, power consumption, service and other aspects. Headway studied and developed self-cleaning filters independently according to demand of ballast water treatment system, which aroused interests of expert team from OceanTankers: according to demand of ballast water treatment system independently-developed by Headway still can maintain efficient and stable state free from blocking phenomena after being operated under water quality with extreme dirty and high concentration for long term according to authorized report, wherein the report was issued by Headway Zhoushan Ballast Water Research and Development Test Platform and Independent Laboratory DNV-GL approved by USCG. OceanGuard® ballast water treatment system impressed the expert team ultimately by its first-class processing capacity and low maintenance cost, and Headway won the order.
As a leading brand in the industry, Headway adheres to the enterprise spirits of ¡°Service, Innovation and Win-Win¡± over the years. It sets up a perfect after-sales service network and professional technical support team, which becomes the preferred brand of Costa Cruises, IRISL, Scorpio Bulkers and other ship-owners. Headway will expand new ideas and new ways continuously, and provide clients with professional and comprehensive ballast water treatment solution in order to cope with challenges from ballast water convention better.

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