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Headway Technical Circular Letter 


Dear Customers,

We must address our appreciation to you for choosing OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System, a product independently developed and produced by Headway Technology Co., Ltd. Recently, our technical team has discovered a potential of system failure in the BWMS installed before February, 2014 caused by misconduct of authorized service engineers under Test Mode during shipboard operation and destructive experiment. Therefore, Headway urges those ship owners/operators who were not directly contacted by Headway¡¯s after-sales team to contact us and advise recently voyage route status, our global service team will provide a prompt onboard product upgrade service in the nearest harbor. Please also be noted that the upgrade service will be free of charge.

With the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship¡¯s Ballast Water and Sediments coming into force, more BWMS will be regularly operated onboard. However, as far as Headway knows, a large number of Ship crews were not well trained for the operation of ballast water management systems. To eliminate any potential risks that may be caused by idle system after long time and ensure an effective and safe operation of OceanGuard® BWMS, Headway will pursue a free annual inspection of all delivered systems. Your kindly attention will be highly appreciated!

Thanks again for your support and cooperation.


Headway Technology Co., Ltd

January of 2017

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