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Celebration for 2017 Headway BWMS Global Training Conference 

Headway Technology Co., Ltd. held the global agent training in Regent Hotel on 3rd May, 2017. About 100 participants including sales agents, after-sales agents and ship owners from 40 countries attended this 10-day conference.
With the Ballast Water Convention entering into force, more systems will be put into regular use. To ensure a safer and more stable operation of the system, Headway organized the training for the service, annual inspection and system update of OceanGuard® BWMS.
By combining the technical seminar with plant training and shipboard operation, the training session provides a deep and comprehensive introduction of the latest technical upgrading, maintenance procedure, electrical and control principles, troubleshooting and repair, which achieves concentrated training, team meeting and practical operation. Besides, Headway offers diversified training for the service agents and customers who cannot attend the training through different ways, such as webcast and video.
Compared with previous training, training in this year is much more in-depth and detailed, specially the training about troubleshooting and maintenance. Headway¡¯s engineers gave a very detailed and exact explanation and solution for common problems and failures of the system. The simulation demonstration training in Headway plant gave us a very good lesson which could be guidance for our following service work and annual inspection. Besides, by communicating with each other, we service agencies from different regions also learned lot of things about how to improve ourselves for both our service and business, said Mr. Lee, who attends the training from Korea.
Headway has been committed to building a comprehensive and rapid-action global service network, each year providing product knowledge training for agents and customers. Headway defines 2017 as the" year of service", fully integrates resources, sufficiently mobilizes and takes the advantage of global service network, to achieve comprehensive coverage, positive response, to escort Headway¡¯s customers.

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