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Headway was approved as the annual "Model Enterprise" 

Headway was approved as the annual
"National Intellectual Property Model Enterprise."
After being recommended by the Provincial and Municipal Intellectual Property Offices, reviewed by the State Intellectual Property Office and announced by the public, Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd. was approved as a "National Intellectual Property Model Enterprise."
Headway highly values the intellectual property rights of enterprises, makes a clear plan for intellectual property rights, enhances the ability of independent innovation as its main line, insists on the integration of intellectual property development with the enhancement of the company¡¯s competitiveness, continues to increase the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights. The investment in management has integrated the work of intellectual property into all functions and businesses of the company, and has made a good combination of technological innovation achievements and intellectual property protection, effectively enhanced the core competitiveness of the company and increased the market share of the company.
At present, Headway has passed the certification of Corporate Intellectual Property Management System, established a complete intellectual property management system, incentive mechanism, risk prevention and control mechanism. The company¡¯s awareness and capability of intellectual property have been significantly improved, and the number and quality of patents have increased substantially.
The "State Intellectual Property Model Enterprise" is the highest honor in China's enterprise intellectual property management field. This reward admits Headway's continuous innovation and its work on intellectual property over the years. It also means that the company's future technological innovation and intellectual property work has reached a new level. In the future, Headway will forge ahead and continue to innovate, contribute to the national scientific innovation and intellectual property strategy implementation.

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