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Headway finished the 1st round of 2018 global service training in her newly built BWMS Industrial production demonstration base on May 24, 2018. Over 50 technicians from Headway global BWMS service network attended this training, and this raised the number of her authorized BWMS technician to over 200.
Headway technical support department introduced components of BWMS in details during the training, demonstrated various trouble shooting to common malfunctions experienced in 2017¡¯s after sales service, and carried out operational assessment to attendees, to make sure authorized technicians can solve malfunction independently.
After the series of actions regarding deep and comprehensive after sales service in 2017, Headway moved forward with deep ploughing and active preparations, devoted to building ¡±one-stop¡±world-wide service stations. Following the official operation of spare stocks in USA, Holland and Singapore, the online of OMTVT user training system and the finish of After-sales service instructor training, the ¡°survey-installation-training-after sales service¡±will be ¡°one-stop¡±, comprehensive, efficient and localized from Headway¡¯s  over 30 service stations and the affiliated branches. This will fundamentally break the communication barriers between seafarers and service engineers in different countries and regions, and ensure that all after-sales needs receive a professional and effective response immediately.
As introduced by Headway's after-sales service department, the qualified engineers will return home to play the positive role of ¡°help, teach, and lead¡± and continuously improve the work quality of service engineers from their stations. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, the team of Headway global authorized after-sales service engineers will increase to more than 300 people. Headway will continue to uphold the "service, innovation, and win-win" spirit of enterprise, urging what customers worry about and supplying what customers need, to escort customers sailing around the world.

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