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Headway participated the Summit Forum on Maritime Technology Competitiveness

On May 29th, the Summit Forum on Maritime Technology Competitiveness was held in Shanghai Yuanyang Hotel. As one of the co-organizers, Headway participated this forum and gave a speech on the subject of ¡°Current Situation and Retrofitting Analysis of Ballast Water Treatment System¡±.
Headway marketing director analyzed and communicated the current situation and Headway¡¯s solutions briefly but profoundly from various aspects, such as new G8 compliance, USCG type approval status, retrofitting considerations of ballast water treatment system and other topics concerned by shipowners and ship managers. ¡°Headway¡¯s presentation is very valuable and helpful for shipowners and shipyards to consider how to face the challenge of ballast water treatment implementation¡±, said by one of representatives.
The presentation was highly spoken by other representatives. ¡°With the implementation of IMO BWMS convention and stricter regulations from USCG, at the present stage, it is crucial and urgent for shipowners to choose a stable, efficient and fully approved ballast water treatment system with perfect after-sales service. With its consistent responsible spirit, professional service team, constantly improved global service and spare parts network and reliable products, Headway won the deep trust of customers. The annual global service training which was just successfully finished in May perfectly proved and displayed Headway¡¯s comprehensive capabilities. After this communication, we are more confident that Headway can provide powerful support to shiponwers and shipyards to cope with the challenge of ballast water treatment¡±, said by General manager Mr. Gou from Seacon Ships Management.
It is reported that there were over 100 outstanding maritime representatives attended this forum. Based on the 3 subjects ¡°Compliance, Efficiency, Advanced¡±, apart from ballast water treatment system, all representatives discussed thoroughly more than 10 topics, including EGR and SCR systems, development of smart ships and other prospective topics.

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