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Headway joins BEMA as the 1st charter member from China. 

Headway joins BEMA(Ballast Equipment Manufacturer Association) as the 1st charter member from China.
Headway has maintained close contact with all parties since the preparation of the association, and formally applied for joining BEMA on April 27. Headway has officially become a member of BEMA, after the collective evaluation of the board of directors of BEMA. It is reported that after consultation with the shipping industry and the expected members, BEMA has applied to become an NGO observer, and it has yet to be approved by IMO.
Following the announcement of a further delay of the 2004 IMO Ballast Water Convention implementation dates, which occurred at MEPC 71, some dedicated industry insiders gathered in New York to draw up the framework of what was to become BEMA later. The purpose of BEMA is to coordinate the development of the industry, properly respond to the doubts of ship owners and strengthen cooperation and communication.
Together with BEMA, Headway is dedicated into below works:
1, To provide coordinated, technical guidance to both the maritime industry and the regulatory agencies, and to serve as a key resource for ship owners, designers, testing equipment suppliers, and regulators to discuss openly how ballast water treatment systems work stably and what should be the expectations of each technology operating across a world fleet.
2£¬To communicate actively with and hold meetings with numerous ship owner associations, industry associations, legislative bodies, etc. to provide member companies with fair guidance and advice in response to the upcoming retrofitting peak period beginning in September 2019.
3£¬To ommunicate and cooperate with other members within the association to solve common problems, such as the short docking period, uncertain schedule of vessel, and adjustments to the installation plan.
After joining BEMA, Headway has actively participated in the data collection of the California State Lands Commission of the California(CSLC) and provided relevant data of the USCG experiment to the CSLC so that the California Committee can make assessment reports and provide reference for California's future ballast water management regulations.
Headway moved into the new premise in early 2018, and increased the annual production capacity to more than 1,000 sets. The product quality is more stable and management is of high level. In the past few years, Headway has strengthened internal management and held service-oriented training of various types to service engineers and crews. Joining the BEMA Association strengthens the coordinated development of the company and the entire industry. Headway goes further on the path of ¡°service, innovation and win-win¡± as her enterprise spirit.

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