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China¡¯s Ambassador to Greece Praises Headway¡¯s Work on Innovation 

Accompanied by Mr. Vokos, the Executive Director of Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition, China¡¯s ambassador to the Hellenic Republic Mr. Zou Xiaoli and Commercial Counselor Mr. Li Feng visited Headway¡¯s Booth in Posidonia 2018 on 7th June with deep communication with Headway staff.

During the visit of ambassador Zou, Headway gave a detailed introduction on Headway¡¯s Ballast Water Management System, Selective Catalytic Reduction System for marine diesel engine and Fresh Preservation Technology. Knowing that Headway¡¯s product has won a leading position in the industry and was one of the most popular products among the shipowners, ambassador Zou was satisfied with Headway¡¯s work and exhort Headway to remain true to the original aspiration while keep the mission firmly in mind. Ambassador Zou hope Headway will ride on the mighty driving force of ¡°Made in China 2025¡±, forging ahead and setting sail for an excellent voyage.

The intellectual property was one of the major concern of ambassador Zou, when he was told that Headway has independently developed OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System and has built a comprehensive IP protection procedure, ambassador Zou spook highly of Headway¡¯s work on intellectual property and hope Headway will keep focus on development as the top priority, taking talented personnel as primary resources and seize innovation as primary engine for development, carry on and devote into ocean economy to contribute in a greener marine industry.

Since the very foundation in 2005, Headway Technology Co., Ltd. was supported by national, provincial and municipal government agencies. In the year 2009, the then-State Councilor, vice president of CPPCC, academician of CAS & CAE, Mr. Song Jian visited Headway¡¯s headquarter before presenting an inscription goes: ¡°For those who take innovation as purpose, there will be boundless potential in their future¡±.  Headway Technology Co., Ltd. will stick to innovation-driven development and contribute to the national strategy of ¡°Made in China 2025¡±.

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