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HEADWAY 6000th VDR successfully installed on vessel 

The success of Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) is still continuing. The 6000th Headway VDR is successfully installed on board in June of this year, which marks a milestone of the product in the international market, the product has won a high trust from the users owing to the technology and quality.
It is reported that in 2006, Headway successfully developed the 1st generation VDR to make up for many technical gaps in China at that time.In the past more than 10 years, adhered to the enterprise spirit of "service, innovation and win-win", Headway continuously upgrade the product, and in strict accordance with the convention and regulation, Headway has independently innovated six generation of the products and obtained many patents. The 6th generation Headway VDR has been praised by the shipowners for its good performance, reliable stability and easy installation, maintenance, replacement.The ultra-low operation and maintenance cost makes Headway VDR a good reputation in the world as a Chinese brand to fight out its way from many famous brands in European, American, Japan and South Korea. Some shipowner say ¡°The maintenance cost of Headway VDR is about half of the other manufacturers, and the performance is stable with a good global service network. Considering the high maintenance and annual inspection costs of other manufacturers, we would prefer to rather reinstall Headway VDR on board.¡± At present, Headway has established a perfect VDR technical service network with around 120 service stations, which is able to cover all the major ports in the world, to provide professional technical services with a dynamic response.
Up to now, in addition to the great success achieved in the field of VDR, by closely following the international regulations and sticking to the motto "Global-Standard, Chinese-Made", Headway has obtained orders of more than 1400 sets of its independently developed OceanGuard@ Ballast Water Management System in the world. With China¡¯s policy of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and the continuously advancement of Gobalization, Chinese national brand is accelerating towards to the world. Headway is just committed to representing China's High-Tech shipping equipment manufacturer towards the world, to become the ¡°Tsingtao Beer¡± in shipping equipment industry.

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