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Product Features:

1 High thermal conductivity aluminum radiator, cooling LED light source to ensure a good, efficient LED low light decay and to protect life;

(2) imported optical grade PC material developed integrated optical lens coated antireflective film surface increases, through the rate of 93% or more;

3 lamps using activated carbon respirator design, to ensure the effective light source to avoid the damage of harmful gases;

4 high-efficiency low-power electrical part of the road design, superior performance and more energy efficient. Lightning protection, abnormal over current protection features such as multiple, to ensure stable operation of lamps;

5 Environment friendly: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no environmental pollution;

6 The unique design of earthquake-resistant structures, to extend the lamp life.

Field of application:
Beiwei LED tunnel lighting for tunnels, import and export authentic, station channels, culverts and other needs of indoor lighting.

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