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Control Unit

Control Unit is responsible for regulating the entire system including collection of various signals from the sensors, Management of alarm signals and controls of system startup and shutdown.  It contains all procedures for the system operation, displays the system working condition, including the working condition of various parts as well as data and status reported by real time inspection from various sensors.



OceanGuard®  adopts full auto-back flushing filter, which can realize the simultaneous operation of filtration and back flush. The filtration precision is 50m. It can remove organisms larger than 50m in ballast water to prevent micro organisms and sediments entering ballast tank.




Treatment Capacity100m3/h5000m3/h.

Filtration Precision50 m

Automatic back-flush

Low input pressure

Flexible for retrofit




EUT Unit is the core of OceanGuard®  BWMS. Each single unit has the treatment capacity from 100-3000m3/h. The Unit comprises of two parts: Electrocatalysis Unit and Ultrasound Unit. The Electrocatalysis Unit is able to produce large numbers of hydroxyl radicals and other highly active oxidizing substances to kill all organisms in ballast water within several nanoseconds. The whole sterilization process is completed inside the EUT Unit.  During the treatment process, the Ultrasound Unit can clean the surface of Electrocatalysis Unit regularly to keep the long-term treatment effectiveness of the electrocatalysis material.



Advantages of OceanGuard®


Technology of Advanced Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP)

Hydroxyl radicals produced in the process of Management by AEOP technology will disappear after several nanoseconds. These radicals have high sterilization efficiency, which are able to kill different bacteria, viruses, algae and dormant ovum in ballast water effectively (broad spectrum sterilization) in a chained mode. The sterilization process can be completed within EUT Unit. The concentration of TRO (total residual oxidation) can be controlled within 2ppm, so that the TRO can carry out advanced Management on the water in ballast tanks.


No corrosion to Ships

Hydroxyl radicals produced by OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System will disappear after several nanoseconds. The whole sterilization Management is completed within EUT Unit. Through the Management, TRO concentration is within 2ppm. According to results of long-term operation, the system is proved to be safe and reliable, and water treated by OceanGuard™ causes no corrosion to the hull.


Satisfy Requirements

Fully meet IMO regulation and California requirement.


Compact Design; High-Quality Spares

Compact design, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance free. OceanGuard®  BWMS can be fitted on various vessels with different internal structures. High-quality materials and spare parts with long lifespan are used for all the components.


Wide Scope of Application

OceanGuard® BWMS shows excellent performance in fresh water and sea water. The discharged treated ballast water has no any harm to the environment in the surrounding waters.



Low operating costs. Energy consumption is only appr. 17KW for the treatment of 1000 m3 of ballast water.



OceanGuard®  obtained Explosion-proof Certificate, which can be fitted in the pump room of oil tanker, liquid gas carrier, etc.


Single Treatment

The whole process only needs the inflow treatment rather than the discharge treatment, so that it is proper for all the vessel ballast water discharge systems.


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