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    Companies implement "people-oriented" management philosophy, commitment to research training, instructor incentive system, by improving the training system, the employee's personal career development and advancement combined. The following is the type of training:
     New employee training, professional and technical training, management skills training

Type Subdivision Content Purpose
Training new employees Background knowledge training Industry background, company profiles, product knowledge, corporate culture, company policies Making new employees understand the business as soon as possible, into the corporate culture, to work
Professional quality training Become a professional, dedicated, loyal and high quality with a good personality staff
Induction training To qualifications and job duties, according to
Professional and technical training R & D department, production department, sales department, technical department, functions According to sector development needs, the project needs to develop targeted training programs Adapt to the company's development, the project needs, personal needs in areas such as promotion
Management skills training Upper, middle, primary Stage of development for the company's actual needs and curriculum for different levels of employees, training Enhance their management capabilities, and enhance combat effectiveness of the organization

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